Subsidized Apartment Standard Cleaning

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During your stay at a Hyatus Furnished Apartment, you can utilize our in-house professionally-trained cleaning staff to keep your apartment looking spotless and feeling just the way it did when you first arrived.


Hyatus not only offers our guests the opportunity to hire cleaners who have been specifically trained to clean our apartments, but we also split the cost with you; every Hyatus cleaning has double the value.

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Standard, Deep Clean

6 reviews for Subsidized Apartment Standard Cleaning

  1. Jonathon

    So Happy I orderd a cleaning during my stay! After the cleaning everything was so fresh — was such a relaxing feeling coming home to the apartment

  2. Mike

    I wish all short-term rentals would offer this service. Makes me fell like I’m staying in a luxury hotel while I get to be in an apartment

  3. Kim Anderson

    Cleaning itself was perfect, but rating 4/5 due to the cleaning time. Cleaner had to arrive a bit later than was originally scheduled.

  4. Claire Richards

    Spotless, efficient, and cheap. 3/3 so no complaints from me

  5. Sarah Williams

    My Only Complaint is that I can’t hire the cleaning team to clean my apartment 🙁

  6. Pamela Smith

    Great Cleaner!!! Wanted to hire cleaner on taskrabbit before I realized I could a cleaner directly throug Hyatus. Their Cleaers service cannot be matched, and the price is joke compared to taskrabbit! Booked a cleaning once a week for my entire stay.

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